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Nordsjaelland 0:2 Brondby 20.02.2022

Superliga. Denmark all seasons -> 2021-2022 Danish Superliga -> Nordsjaelland 0:2 Brondby 20.02.2022




  20.02.2022 58` Anis Slimane, 66` Andreas Bruus



55% Ball possession 45%
8 Total shots 13
3 Shots on goal 7
2 Shots off goal 4
3 Blocked shots 2
5 Goalkeeper saves 3
9 Fouls 8
0 Yellow cards 2
9 Free kicks 9
5 Corner kicks 4
0 Offsides 1
24 Throw ins 12


Starting lineups

4 K. Hansen, 7 A. Schjelderup, 8 M. Andersen, 9 B. Nygren, 13 A. Hansen(G), 15 E. Marxen, 18 M. Bidstrup, 22 O. Antman, 23 O. Villadsen, 27 D. Svensson, 48 M. Hansen H. Heggheim 3, S. Rosted 4, A. Maxso 5, J. Bell 6, C. Bjork 12, K. Mensah 14, A. Bruus 17, J. Radosevic 22, M. Divkovic 24, A. Ben Slimane 25, M. Hermansen(G) 30



M. Frese (D. Svensson)

A. Nagalo

J. Christensen (M. Bidstrup)

S. Adingra (O. Antman)

L. Walta (M. Andersen)

L. Coulibaly (M. Hansen)

A. Gulstorff

M. Greve Petersen (C. Bjork)

B. Riveros

K. Tshiembe

O. Fallenius

C. Cappis (A. Ben Slimane)


M. Kvistgaarden (M. Divkovic)

J. Aegidius



F. Pedersen N. Frederiksen


Text online

Completion of the fight
That's it, nothing else will happen in this match - referee Jens Maae blows the final whistle

  • 90' Compensation time
  • The main time of the half ends - referee Jens Maae adds minutes.
  • 89' Replacement
  • Slimane Anis gives way to his teammate on the field - Cappis Christian came on in his place.
  • 88' Replacement
  • Bidstrup Mads goes to the bench to rest. Jacob Christensen takes his place on the field.
  • 85' The coach makes adjustments
  • Marko Divkovic goes to the bench to rest. Mathias Kvistgaarden takes his place on the field.
  • 83' Castling from the coach
  • Nordsjælland makes a substitution – Coulibaly Lasso appears on the field instead of Hansen Mads.
  • 83' The coach makes adjustments
  • Andersen Magnus gives way to his teammate on the field - Walta Leo came on in his place.
  • 71' Replacement
  • Bjork Carl goes to the bench to rest. Greve Petersen Mathias takes his place on the field.
  • 66' Goal
  • The ball is in the goal. Brus Andreas (Brøndby) scored the goal. He was assisted by Slimane Anis
  • 64' The coach makes adjustments
  • In the meantime, we have a replacement - Martin Frese replaces Svensson Daniel.
  • 64' Castling from the coach
  • Antman Oliver gives way to his teammate on the field - Adingra Simon came on in his place.
  • 58' Projectile in the gate
  • The score on the Right To Dream Park stadium scoreboard has changed. Slimane Anis (Brøndby) scored a goal, and Niklas Mensah Kevin contributed an assist.

The second 45 minutes has begun
The players come out of the tribune room - the entire Right To Dream Park stadium is waiting for the start of the second half.

Time out in the match
Nordsjælland and Brøndby will receive tips from their mentors - we have a break in the game. The score is still 0:0.

  • 45 + 2' Added time
  • The reserve referee raises the sign - the teams still have a minute left to play in this half.
  • 45' The yellow light comes on
  • Match referee Jens Maae regards this foul as a yellow card - Josip Radosevic (Brøndby) has been warned.
  • 44' Yellow card
  • Match referee Jens Maae regards this foul as a yellow card - Rosted Sigurd (Brøndby) has been warned.

Start of the fight
The referee's whistle indicates that the match Nordsjaelland - Brøndby has started

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